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Digital economy D igit al play ers ( online ret ailers, st reaming plat forms, et c. ) are • O nline media advert ising ( for online media and free fu elled b y CCI cont ent . As t h is report aims t o h igh ligh t t h e st reaming services) impact of CCI on ot h er b ranch es of t h e economy , w e assessed • D igit al advert ising creat ion t h e revenu es generat ed b y cu lt u ral cont ent for digit al play ers, defined ak coehaniek hrovidin_2 CCI’ s economic cont rib u t ion t o t h e digit al economy is t h e su m of • P h y sical goods sold on t h e int ernet ( b ook s, mu sic and video) cu lt u ral- cont ent - generat ed revenu es. • D igit al cu lt u ral cont ent ( st reaming su b script ions, mob ile gaming, e- b ook s, et c. ) or earcetk$ t`e kme of re_ional fi_mrek epceeded t`e W h ere regional dat a w as not availab le, w e est imat ed glob al t ot al, as w e logically do not consider ex port s in t h e employ ment and revenu es t h rou gh t ailor- made assu mpt ions: conkolidated fi_mre& • W e scaled u p availab le dat a from t h e main mark et s in each • L`e kme of kectorial fi_mrek eehloyeent and boZk! alko region w it h a represent at ive sample ( for inst ance, B raz il, epceedk t`e conkolidated fi_mre in eac` re_ion$ ak koee M ex ico, Argent ina and Colomb ia for Lat in America) act ivit ies can b e cou nt ed in t w o CCI. F or inst ance, live mu sic • W e u sed w orld dat a and applied a mark et sh are scaling- dow n revenu es and employ ment are cou nt ed in b ot h t h e mu sic and fact or. herforein_ artk kectork& Lo conkolidate omr re_ional fi_mre$ w e dedu ct ed every act ivit y t h at is dou b le cou nt ed. • W h en ab solu t ely no dat a w as availab le for any cou nt ry in a region, w e u sed a rat io b ased on dat a collect ed in ot h er | Cultural times L`e Õrst _dobad eah o^ cudturad an\ creatine in\ustries ))/

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