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L`e c`adden_e o^ nurturin_ tadent T alent is t h e lifeb lood of t h e CCI. innovat ion and spin- off companies, É Lo\aq$ t`e ^ocad Ach ieving art ist ic ex cellence oft en t ak es u niversit ies are oft en pioneers in hoint o^ t`e _aein_ ex t raordinary dedicat ion, prolonged h ard t ech nological innovat ion. w ork and int elligence. B u t it can also • Ladent2 U niversit ies h ave an import ant in\ustries is t`e req u ire a great deal of learning, and t h e role in at t ract ing, developing and ri_`t o^ in\ehen\ent ab ilit y t o cross- fert iliz e ideas from t h e ret aining t alent . F or t h emselves, t h ey past w it h new t ech niq u es, t ech nologies seek t o at t ract t h e b est st u dent s \enedohers to create and memes. and post - gradu at e research ers. B y an\ coeeerciadire In a 2 0 0 6 paper, The University and collab orat ing w it h companies, t h ey the Creative Economy$ R ich ard F lorida, can h elp add valu e and at t ract creat ive neo _aees& An G ary G at es, B rian K nu dsen and K evin indu st ries. B u t t h ey also play a more ^act$ oit` t`e S t olarick su ggest ed t h at u niversit ies act su b t le role, h elping b u ild au diences of as engines of innovat ion, b u t t h at t h eir a kmfficient kire to kmhhort artiktk and \eeocratiration o^ role is really rat h er w ider. T h ey argu ed grou ps pu rsu ing creat ive endeavors. tec`nodo_q$ enerqone t h at u niversit ies oft en act as creat ive • Loderance2 T h ou gh t h is q u alit y h u b s for t h e economic, social and cu lt u ral appears increasingly u nder t h reat can \enedoh a ni\eo development of t h eir h ome cit ies and from t h e minorit ies det ermined _aee& At can be regions. T h e au t h ors focu sed on t h e role t o impose t h eir view s on ot h ers, of u niversit ies in st imu lat ing a “ spillover” u niversit ies cont inu e t o h elp spread herceine\ as a t`reat of t ech nology , t alent and t olerance, new ideas t o neigh b oring regions. ^or tra\itionad actors t h ereb y aiding t h e development of CCI. B y at t ract ing st u dent s from diverse but it is adso an According t o t h e prominent professor b ack grou nds, t h ey b ring in new E . G laeser, R ich ard F lorida’ s Rise of the ideas and promot e t h eir ex ch ange, ohhortunitq to boost Creative Class4 resu mes t h e import ance w h ile seek ing t o cu lt ivat e freedom innonation&Ê of cit ies at t ract ing h u man capit al: “ t h e of ex pression. N orms and valu es u rb an lesson of F lorida’ s b ook is t h at su ch as t h ese h elp creat e an cit ies t h at w ant t o su cceed mu st aim at environment t h at appeals t o t alent ed, at t ract ing t h e creat ive t y pes w h o are t h e creat ive people, t h ereb y at t ract ing K ate E dwards, w ave of t h e fu t u re. ” F lorida’ s w ork is b u ilt individu als w h o are innovat ive Executive Director of the International arou nd it s “ 3 T s t h eory ” ( t ech nology , and ent repreneu rial, and w h o w ill Gaming Developers Association t alent and t olerance) , t h e t h ree driving cont rib u t e t o economic grow t h . forces of regional and local economic H ow ever, t o h ave t h e desired effect , development . u niversit ies and ot h er h igh er edu cat ion • Lec`nodo_q2 B ecau se u niversit ies inst it u t ions mu st b e w ell- int egrat ed int o receive pu b lic and privat e fu nding for t h eir h ost regions: t h ey are an import ant research , and are oft en sou rces of ingredient of creat ive grow t h . 4 The Rise of the creative class, R ich ard F lorida, 2 0 0 2 | 8 6 Cultural times L`e Õrst _dobad eah o^ cudturad an\ creatine in\ustries

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