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;gehgsiligf g^ l`e fine _lgbal je_igfs N orth A merica E urop e U S and Canada E u ropean U nion, non- E U E u ropean cou nt ries ( N orw ay , S w it z erland, Iceland, B alk ans, et c. ) , T u rk ey and R u ssia. Cent ral Asian cou nt ries ( K az ak h st an, U z b ek ist an, et c. ) and Israel are not inclu ded L atin A merica and Asia-Pacific Caribbean Inclu ding Cent ral Asia M ex ico, S ou t h America, and Cau casian cou nt ries Cent ral America and ( Az erb aij an, Armenia Carib b ean cou nt ries and G eorgia) A frica and the M iddle E ast Africa, G u lf cou nt ries and M iddle E ast ( inclu ding Israel) O u r assessment met h od ( b ased on t h e most rob u st dat a availab le) provides regional est imat es, for CCI sales and revenu es, calcu lat ed from regional dat a and b ased on st rong economic and sociologic assu mpt ions. H ence, t h is met h odology ( see sect ion 5 ) does not enab le u s t o provide CCI sales and revenu es at a cou nt ry - level. Eeasurin_ econoeic nadue bq renenues an\ eehdoqeent L`e ktmdy imantifiek t`e econoeic valme goods and services sold t h rou gh Mn\er_roun\ econoeq of CCI ( in U S $ ) , providing an assessment mnofficial diktriZmtion c`annelk Zy L`e mnder_romnd econoey ik defined ak of ;;A revenmek defined ak :mkinekk% produ cers and ret ailers, are inclu ded “ mark et - b ased produ ct ion of goods and t o- Consu mer — B 2 C, and B u siness- t o- in ou r est imat es. W e h ave also services, w h et h er legal or illegal, t h at B u siness — B 2 B , sales) and t h e nu mb er of inclu ded pu b lic license fees for t h e ekcahe detection in t`e official ektieatek people employ ed in CCI. au diovisu al sect or ( T V and radio) . of G D P ” ( S mit h , 1 9 9 4 ) . Applied t o CCI, Jenenues an\ eehdoqeent • Cultural and creative employment: t h e u ndergrou nd economy involves t h e T h is w as est imat ed in t h e nu mb er of ex ch ange of cu lt u ral and creat ive goods W e measu red t h e economic valu e of CCI j ob s. W e u sed t h e ILO ( Int ernat ional and kervicek t`at are `idden froe official w it h t w o met rics: DaZor Gr_aniration! definition of view . It inclu des: employ ment : “ all persons … w h o du ring • Piracy: ph y sical piracy , i. e. , t h e act ivit y • Cultural and creative industries a khecified Zrief heriod$ eit`er one revenues ( in 2 0 1 3 cu rrent U S D ) : T h e w eek or one day , w ere in t h e follow ing of manu fact u ring u nau t h oriz ed copies st u dy adopt ed an approach b ased cat egories: paid employ ment and self- ( pirat e copies) of prot ect ed mat erial on final conkmeer and Zmkinekk employ ment . ” B y doing so, w e are ab le and dealing w it h su ch copies b y w ay mark et s ( B 2 C and B 2 B ) , primarily at t o inclu de every person w ork ing in a of dist rib u t ion and sale; and digit al ret ail prices ( w it h ou t indirect t ax es) . CCI ( inclu ding non- permanent j ob s, piracy , i. e. , u nau t h oriz ed int ernet Anforeal kalek$ defined ak cmltmral creat ors, au t h ors and performers) . dist rib u t ion of prot ect ed w ork s | )* Cultural times L`e Õrst _dobad eah o^ cudturad an\ creatine in\ustries

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