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­pportunities for technology companies ­pportunities for M&E companies As M&E companies drive to create a culture o­ Creating an innovative culture reuires balancing core innovation€ they must embrace collaborative decisionmaŒing ‚ith empo‚erment o­ individuals€ teams technologies€ accelerate internal decisionmaŒing and communities ‚ithin an organiœationŠ It necessitates and speed deployment o­ digital contentŠ a move a‚ay ­rom traditional silos to communities o­ interest based around specific products and services ¡uestions to consider€ or customer groups that come together to achieve • Is your company positioned as an industry innovator® shared goalsŠ • ‘o‚ can your solutions o­­er M&E companies the speed and fleibility they ‚ill demand to rapidly innovate their ¡uestions to consider€ organiœations® • Žho creates your digital vision€ ‚ho “o‚ns” it and ho‚ • In ‚hat ‚ays does your company support the is it shared around the company® To ‚hat etent does numerous approaches to digital innovation ­ound it balance centraliœed decisionmaŒing ‚ith unit or across the M&E sector® teambased entrepreneurialism® • ‘o‚ do your o­­erings help M&E companies to ensure • ‘o‚ e­­ectively does your company utiliœe technology their internal processes are adaptive® to collaborate® Is technology in place to enable easy in­ormation sharing and rapid convening o­ groups€ particularly across team and silo boundaries® • ‘o‚ do you attempt to ­uture proo­ your digital strategy and investments in technology so that they can evolve and adapt as your company responds to the customer and marŒet® 

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