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Competing ­or people and sŒills in a ­astchanging environment Žhen it comes to the people and sŒills challenge ­acing M&E companies€ our survey data is clear’ there’s a siœable gap bet‚een the level o­ “ ‰igital leaders are fully eploiting technology sŒills companies reuire and those they possessŠ ›ut this is the fleibility€ speed and cost not big ne‚sŠ A­ter all€ ¥‰” o­ all survey respondents ranŒed “acuiring benefits of cloud computing to digital sŒills” as a top strategic priority• the only strategies that surpassed create real agility adantages it ‚ere “creating a culture o­ innovation” and “listening to customersŠ” for their M&E companies.” e” ender ‘o‚ever€ ‚idespread recognition o­ this ƒ­ note€ the competition ­or talent is liŒely „est Žegion Technology “ndustry Leader challenge does not diminish itŠ Že believe to ‚orsen in the short term€ as more EY many M&E business opportunities ‚ill be companies vie ­or the same people and ‚on or lost based on companies’ ability to the lines bet‚een M&E and technology hire the right talent and — «ust as critically — companies continue to blurŠ At £andora€ to put it to ‚orŒ in the right environmentŠ Founder and C ƒ Žestergren agrees that † ž In both cases€ the Œey‚ord ­or M&E recruiting ne‚ talent ­or Œey technical «obs companies is changeŠ They must realign “is one o­ the biggest challenges right no‚€” o­ all respondents cite the sŒills profiles o­ their people€ they must especially as his company€ headuartered reimagine their organiœational structure near ilicon ¬alley€ must regularly “acuiring digital sŒills” and culture ˜as discussed in the section on compete ­or talent ‚ith highprofile as a top strategic culture o­ innovation€ page ˆžš and they technology companies and the plethora must rethinŒ their hiring and retention o­ startups continuously emerging thereŠ priority ­or digital strategies to ad«ust ­or more intensive Companies must ‚eigh the advantages and trans­ormationŠ competitionŠ disadvantages that come ­rom locating near a talent hub such as ilicon ¬alleyŠ Figure 1Œ: ©ercent of each industry segment e‡pressing “lac‚ of s‚ills” as a ‚ey obstacle to “buildªmaintain” cloud computing systemsˆ¦ ¤ƒll respondents¥ Advertising and 42% measurement Filmed entertainment 42% Music 42% Interactive gaming 39% Social networking/ 37% social media Enabling technology 34% Broadcast and 25% cable networks Publishing and 25% information services ¡£ercentages sho‚n are o­ all respondents in each industry segment ‚ho chose “LacŒ o­ sŒills to build¯maintain cloudcomputing systems” as their first€ second or third top obstacleŠ 

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