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AcŒno‚ledgments First and ­oremost ‚e ‚ant to thanŒ the media and entertainment and technology eecutives ­rom around the ‚orld ‚ho participated in our survey — thereby providing us ‚ith such a rich data setŠ LiŒe‚ise€ ‚e are grate­ul to the eecutives intervie‚ed€ ­or providing us ‚ith added insights and eamples to bring the story to li­eŠ And finally€ ‚e ‚ant to acŒno‚ledge those ‚ho ‚orŒed diligently to analyœe the survey results and produce this report€ ‚hich ‚as developed ‚ith the support€ Œno‚ledge and insights ­rom sta­­ members ­rom around our firm and ƒ­ord EconomicsŠ Source notes ˆ “etfli subscriber Losses Evidence o­ Lo‚ ƒTT ¥ “etfli hares urge Above ©‡…… on trong Threat€” ›usiness Žire€ ‡™ ƒctober ‡…ˆˆ€ via Factiva€ ubscriber Gro‚th” The Œall …treet Žournal ­nline€ © ‡…ˆˆ ›usiness ŽireŠ ‡‰ April ‡…ˆ‰€ via Factiva€ © ‡…ˆ‰ ¦o‚ °ones ‡ “etfli hares urge Above ©‡…… on trong & Company€ IncŠ ubscriber Gro‚th€” The Œall …treet Žournal ­nline€ „ “ caling Agile at poti­y’ An intervie‚ ‚ith ‘enriŒ ‡‰ April ‡…ˆ‰€ via Factiva€ © ‡…ˆ‰ ¦o‚ °ones & ²niberg€” In­ogŠcomŠ “ April ‡…ˆ‰Š Company€ IncŠ ™ “¬irtual £roducts€ ‹eal £rofits• £layers pend on ‰ “‘astings€ ‹eed• etfli Culture’ Freedom & ´ynga’s Games€ but ³uality Turns ome ƒ­­€” The ‹esponsibility€” posted ˆ August ‡……“€ © ‡…ˆ‰ Œall …treet Žournal ­nline€ “ eptember ‡…ˆˆ€ lide hare IncŠ via Factiva€ © ‡…ˆˆ ¦o‚ °ones & Company€ IncŠ ote’ uotes throughout our report are ­rom eecutive intervie‚s conducted by ƒ­ord EconomicsŠ

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