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€here doe Applying our methodology to the eight As a reminder€ ‚e defined digital leaders industry segments surveyed€ ‚e ­ound that’ by three characteristics’ your coŠpany • Interactive gaming ˜ˆˆ¨š and social • They’re already generating more than core on the net‚orŒing ˜ˆ…“š segments indeed hal­ their revenue ­rom digital products as most agileŠ and servicesŠ giity ™nde”˜ • Advertising and measurement ˜ž‰š and • They’ve integrated customer data across publishing and in­ormation services ˜“¥š at least t‚o channelsŠ ˜see Figure ‡‰š ‚ere least agileŠ • They’ve deployed secondgeneration or later solutions o­ at least t‚o o­ ­our Œey This finding is consistent ‚ith the ma«or technologies ˜smart mobility€ cloud dislocations a­­ecting media industriesŠ computing€ social media or big data re you prepared to Gaming companies€ ­or instance€ have been analyticsš ­or product development ­orced to move rapidly to embrace the or revenue generationŠ ’e a digita eader˜ rising popularity o­ first social€ then mobile games€ ‚hich represent ma«or distribution Given their ˆ‡“ score on the Agility Inde€ • and business models shi­tsŠ it appears that the leaders’ greater Žhat is your agility vision® technology eperience has o­­ered them a • In addition€ ‚e ­ound’ clear vision o­ the digital ­uture this report ‘o‚ do you plan to describes€ in ‚hich a continuous stream o­ implement and continuously • Asia£acific ˜ˆ…“š companies indeed innovative ne‚ products and services re­resh that vision higher than those in orth America ˜“¨š is necessary to meet ­astchanging throughout your organiœation® or EMEA ˜“¥šŠ customer behaviorŠ • Midsiœe companies ˜©„……m–©“““mš • ‘o‚ prepared are you to indeed higher€ at ˆ…“€ than small ˜“‰š They also appear to have seen€ and acted identi­y and compete ­or the or big ˜““š companiesŠ on€ the reuirement ­or organiœational people and sŒill sets you • And digital leaders indeed highest o­ all’ agility to overcome the challenges o­ that need to ecel in a digital this ™“company subset scored ˆ‡“€ ­astmoving ­utureŠ compared ‚ith “™ ­or the more than ¥ž… environment® other respondentsŠ And they are more advanced in terms o­ using technologies such as social media • ‘ave you invested in and the cloud to create an internal culture enabling technology tools around collaboration€ and in using enabling that allo‚ you to anticipate technology tools to create fleibility in their and respond to customer and bacŒend and bacŒo­fice in­rastructureŠ marŒet changes uicŒly Figure 23: ƒgility “nde‡ by M&E segments‰ enabling technology and digital leaders and confidently® Digital leaders 129 Interactive gaming 117 The ™“ digital leaders ranŒed Social networking/social media 109 Music 101 ¢ž Enabling technology 101 more agile than the Filmed entertainment 100 study averageŠ Broadcast and cable networks 96 Publishing and information services 94 Advertising and measurement 83 ource’ EY analysis€ ‡…ˆ‰Š 

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