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uch collaborative mobilesocialcloud interaction as part o­ product development€ “There’s a lot of discussion technologies help create an inclusive€ fleible including ™ž” o­ digital leadersŠ This time€ among M&E eecuties about environment and allo‚ ideas to flo‚ across the gaming segment’s emphasis ˜™™”š ‚as disruptie technology but the organiœationŠ They help eecutive leaders second to that o­ social media companies ultimately they must realiƒe the ‚iden lines o­ communication and maŒe themselves ˜¨…”š and advertising’s€ again€ them more transparent€ thus flattening ‚as lo‚est€ at ¥‡”Š alue of technology is the role it organiœational hierarchies and accelerating plays in helping them to better decisionmaŒingŠ For these reasons€ it is liŒely ›eing open to ­eedbacŒ ­rom social sere their customers.” that more companies ‚ill embrace these net‚orŒing channels helps M&E companies sorts o­ rapid€ conversational approaches gro‚ closer to their customers€ ‚hich can Farokh aara to deeper€ highervalue communication as help them collapse the cycle time bet‚een EME“ƒ Media & Entertainment Leader they seeŒ to create “senseandrespond” products and services€ or allo‚ them to EY organiœations that can deliver continuous change on the fly ‚hen they realiœe a product innovationŠ o­­ering needs to be revised or re­reshedŠ ƒ­ course€ it is the technologyinduced€ Žhile marrying big data analytics to the rapid evolution o­ customer behavior to large volume o­ data generated by social ‚hich increasingly agile M&E organiœations net‚orŒs seems a clear opportunity to gain must respondŠ ƒur research sho‚s that social customer insight that leads to competitive net‚orŒing technology has an important advantage€ M&E companies appear behind role to play on the “sense” side o­ the sense in this regardŠ ƒnly ˆ„” o­ respondents andrespond modelŠ For eample€ „‡” o­ all have gone beyond firstgeneration use respondents say it is “very” or “etremely” o­ big data analytics ­or product and service important to actively monitor social net‚orŒs developmentŠ ‘o‚ever€ that includes to understand customer sentiment€ including ¥ˆ” o­ the digital leadersŠ This suggests ¨…” o­ digital leadersŠ Across the segments€ increasing ­uture adoption o­ big data gaming ˜™ˆ”š emphasiœed it the most analytics by M&E companies to help provide and advertising ˜‰ž”š the leastŠ Fi­ty the insights they need to drive innovation ­our percent say they use social net‚orŒ ‚ith more certainty€ and less risŒŠ Figure 16: Digital leaders leerage technology to support an innoatie culture Use second-generation cloud 43% ...use second-generation cloud 43% solutions to speed products/ solutions to speed product/ 12% services development 12% services development Use second-generation 49% ...use second-generation 49% mobile technologies to mobile technologies to 16% develop products/services 16% develop product/services Say it is important to ...use cloud computing use cloud computing 71% for collaboration to enable for collaboration to enable 71% staff to work together with staff to work together with 53% external partners on the 53% external partners on the same products and services same products/services Digital leaders All others Digital leaders All others ¨

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