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LONGER-TERM AGENDA EY point of view Make the EU relevant again Brexit is a national democratic choice. From now on, the actions of the What are the priority EU policies needed to enhance the attractiveness of UK authorities and the EU member states need to be developed with a EU member states in the next three to five years? strict respect for the popular will. The Brexit process needs to be framed • Improving the investment climate, expanding the existing “Juncker within a clear and positive plan of action in the context of representative Plan” democracy. From a European perspective, despite growing Euro- skepticism, we must guard against the idea that Brexit is the start of an • Securing banking and capital market union unraveling of the EU. Brexit is primarily an additional political challenge • Creating a digital single market for the EU, alongside the migration crisis, the Eurozone troubles, unemployment, among others. National and European authorities need • Enhancing common migration, security and defense policies to focus more than ever on these pressing challenges, by stressing why Even without the UK, the EU will be home to 6% of the world’s we are stronger together. population. European leaders and institutions need to move away from their current fire-fighting mode to better respond to their citizens’ and businesses’ needs and to stay relevant in this globalized world. Alessandro Cenderello EY EU Institutions Leader EY’s European attractiveness survey January 2017 9

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