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H ow EY can h elp : EY A dvisory offers expert advice on transforming off- site customer relationships in the digital era. S trategy , Marketing & Innov ation Management • Marketing strategy • C ustomer ex p erience • Channel strategy dev elop ment sup p ort • Customer segmentation • CEX strategy implementation • P erformance tools • L ean management and indicators • Change management • D igital transf ormation • Multi-ch annel • Business modelling p erf ormance op timiz ation • R esources allocation • C ustomer ex p erience strategy dimensioning • V oice of the customer • O perating costs optimiz ation • CX lab implementation • O utsourcing / partnership • Customer path engineering / strategy Design thinking A naly tics Tech nology • Marketing p erf ormance • IT strategy and transf ormation • Customer data structuring • CR M support and deploy ment • A dvanced customer targeti • K now ledge management ng ring, text mining) platforms implementation ( sco • Multichannel personaliz ation • C ommercial p erf ormance • W orkforce management and siz ing • R evenue management O ff- site Customer R elationship S tudy | J anuary 2 016 13

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