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10 . O utb ound contacts w ill ex p erience • Customer scoring will increasingly be used to target the right customers with the most relevant value a new golden age. proposition. • Analytics and customer knowledge enable • Personal assistants (like Siri, Cortana or OK Google) companies to develop outbound contact practices. will change the customer relationship by delivering answers to customer questions directly. • The accumulation of client data enables companies to act proactively, instigating outbound contacts to avoid additional costs and maximize customer satisfaction. Ex amp le: Companies can convert data gathered from digital channels into insights, enab ling them to provide high- q uality multichannel customer care. Example Customer context O b j ective Example of new contacts g n ►The customer ► W elcome the new customer ti W elcome just purchased / to the service / company and provide W elcome email w ith tips on how s i sub scrib ed to the service him/her w ith useful information to fine tune service options x call / email E and tips. Closed- loop ►The customer ► G et fast feedb ack from customers Email asking to rate the level feedb ack w as in contact ( N P S ), w hatever the touchpoint of recommendation follow ing call / email w ith the company and the channel used the latest call to customer care P roactive ►The customer stopped ► U nderstand w hy the customer “ W e noticed y ou did not complete stimulus in the middle of a process stopped the process and try y our sub scription. Can w e help? ” call / email (eg. sub scription process) to get her / him to complete it ►The customer show ed ► Try to have the customer The user clicks on a sponsored Facebook P roactive strong interest in a product purchase the product / service post for a service from the operator, sales call / service that he /she w as interested in then receives a free trial offer by email for this service s t “W e noticed y our phone is still n ►The customer b row sed ► P ush relevant and useful oi P roactive technical assistance pages technical assistance solutions not active on our netw ork although p y ou looked at our support pages. t technical to the user ac assistance ►Connected device signals Y ou can contact us this w ay or go t assistance need to this store” n e o c v ti e ► ► v P roactive The customer’ s technical Create a file for the user’s “We have created a technical file ec ti issue seems genuine proactively identified issue, for y ou so that every thing is ready p technical s ac (no need for user confirmation) “t emporary ” until activated w hen y ou get in touch w ith o o file creation r r b y the user contacting the company our support team” P P Sources: EY Analysis 12 O ff- site Customer R elationship S tudy | J anuary 2 016

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