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Upheaval in the automotive industry Remember the paradigm shift within the music industry: with the or a desire for excitement. As motorists, we constantly have to emergence of digital technology and internet downloads, physical follow a middle path between these two extremes. Autonomous delivery mechanisms such as the CD and the vinyl record became driving, however, will remove the need for this balancing act. It obsolete. Music remains, but companies have radically altered will transform the journey into a time for other activities such their products in line with market demands. Those that failed to as reading, working or sleeping. Ultimately, the lines between recognize and embrace the shift toward user-centeredness in commuting, work and leisure time will become blurred. good time saw their business fizzle out. The automotive industry is now facing a similar painful transformation. Ultimately, autonomous driving describes a totally new tension between man and car: the relationship between freedom, common sense and life is shifting. Logically we know that we should drive at a maximum speed of 30 km/h to avoid accidents, but in reality we often exceed safe limits, impelled by impatience Shaping the future of the automobile What is the upshot for the automotive industry with its 129- close cooperation in the past, they are now increasingly year-old roots? The shift to autonomous driving will ultimately recognizing the win-win potential for both sides. The greatest force car manufacturers — in a symbolic sense — to relinquish the challenge remains the differences in development cycles between steering wheel while still being in charge of the vehicle. In effect, the traditionally long-term oriented automotive industry and the automotive industry must find a whole new business model the fast-moving digital industry. It still requires a great deal that intensifies the experience of the intrinsic value of the car and of synchronization on both sides before the two industries replaces the old attractions of design and horsepower. This will harmonize perfectly. require a new set of skills, and innovative collaborations between car manufacturers and companies from the IT and internet industries. Here, developments are already afoot. New links between automotive manufacturers and digital players are being forged on a monthly basis. While these organizations have avoided Who’s in the driving seat? | 11

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