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Enabling technology tools ­or “ †gile M&E companies are agile organiœations using mobile-social-cloud and big data analytics technologies to sere As companies rapidly rethinŒ their organiœational structure to become customers in new ways more agile€ they must also reimagine their company’s underlying and to pull away from technology in­rastructure to support greater speed and fleibilityŠ competitors that respond slowly.” aid Nicho M&E companies are concerned ‚ith three “Žhy€ a­ter ‚e ‚ent through the ‘ impsons€’ ƒmericas “T types o­ technology in­rastructure’ ­ront did ‚e go through the same problems ‚ith Transformation ©ractice Leader o­fice€ bacŒ end and bacŒ o­ficeŠ Fronto­fice ‘ imCity®’” asŒs EA’s icŒ Earl€ rhetoricallyŠ EY systems support the ­ull range o­ interactive The problems€ he says€ reflected specific customer touch points and ‚ill be eplored but distinct in­rastructure issues around in a ­uture report in this seriesŠ ›acŒend putting games online ­or either £C or mobile systems enable products and services plat­ormsŠ As a result€ he says€ EA has and include technology such as so­t‚are “changed the state o­ readiness” it demands development tools€ content management o­ its bacŒend servers ‚hen it launches systems and digital rights managementŠ ne‚€ live gamesŠ ›acŒo­fice systems enable company operations and include enterprise resource Foursuare€ mean‚hile€ decided to planning ˜E‹£š€ supply chain management launch its service on a cloudbased bacŒ ˜ CMš and customer relationship end€ as do many startupsŠ The launch management ˜C‹MšŠ Mobilesocialcloud used Amaœon Žeb ervices€ but eventually and big data analytics technologies have the company built its o‚n data centerŠ roles to play ­or both bacŒend and bacŒ “Everyone builds their stu­­ on Amaœon at o­fice systemsŠ the beginning€” says Foursuare’s Cro‚leyŠ “›ecause i­ you need to scale it up really ack•end technoogy yteŠ uicŒly€ you «ust thro‚ some more money As already discussed€ ­or eample€ at them every month and suddenly you have leading M&E companies are using all o­ itŠ” ƒnce the company reaches a certain these technologies to help them rapidly siœe€ ho‚ever€ “it’s cheaper to build out your “sense and respond” to changing audience o‚n data centersŠ” pre­erences and behavior patternsŠ The cloud€ ­or instance€ has become a proven Žhile Cro‚ley may be right in saying solution ­or managing the launch o­ ne‚ that every ne‚ startup uses the cloud ­or content o­­erings — maŒing it easier and bacŒend systems€ our research sho‚s more e­ficient to manage demandŠ that established M&E companies are not universally convincedŠ For eample€ ‡¥” o­ Electronic Arts ˜EAš learned this the survey respondents are still studying and hard ‚ay€ ‚hen its March ‡…ˆ‰ release piloting their use o­ cloud ­or product and o­ the highly anticipated online version service development€ „¥” are in the process o­ “ imCity” resulted in multiple crashed o­ their first deployments and «ust ˆ™” have servers and thousands o­ angry customersŠ gone on to secondgeneration deploymentsŠ EA underestimated the in­rastructure that Further€ „” aren’t considering it ˜see Figure ‚ould be needed to support the game’s ˆ“€ page ‡¨šŠ immediate rush o­ ­ansŠ More embarrassing ‚as that the incident tooŒ place less than a year a­ter the similarly un­ortunate roll out o­ a ­ree mobile game€ “The impson’s’ Tapped ƒut€” ‚hich crashed the company’s servers and caused users’ data and game progress to be erasedŠ ›

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