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‹esponses to the similar uestion about gain insight ­rom the increasing volume€ using big data analytics ­or product and velocity and variety o­ data they no‚ have “ Today’s digital consumer service development are comparable€ but at their fingertipsŠ looks for the content they sŒe‚ed to‚ard even less usage’ ¨” are not want€ when they want it considering it€ ‰‰” are still studying and Certain M&E companies€ ho‚ever€ have built and on whateer deice is piloting€ ¥„” are in the process o­ initial their business model on big data analyticsŠ deployments and only ˆ„” have moved ´ynga€ ‚hich o­­ers ­ree games through most conenient. † digital on to secondgeneration deploymentŠ The its o‚n ‚ebsite and FacebooŒ€ IncŠ’s social organiƒation must not only obstacles respondents cite are basic ones’ net‚orŒ€ studies data on audience behavior respond to such shifts in topping the list ‚as ensuring data accuracy patterns to determine ho‚ to lengthen user behaior and demand€ it and reliability ˜¥…”š€ ­ollo‚ed by delivering playing times€ encourage recommendations the right data to the right people at the to ­riends and increase sales o­ virtual must anticipate them.” right time ˜‰¥”š€ determining ‹ƒI ˜‰ˆ”š goodsŠ As one eecutive told The Œall …treet and lacŒing data analysis sŒills and tools Žournal€ “Že’re an analytics company –ein Price ˜‡™”šŠ This highlights the challenges M&E ™ Global Technology “ndustry masuerading as a games companyŠ” companies are eperiencing as they try to ƒdisory Serices Leader EY Figure 19: “n hat stage of deelopment is your company in deploying cloud computing to achiee your product and serice deelopment business goals… ¤ƒll respondents¥ 70 54% 60 †¨ž 50 s o­ all respondents cite 40 24% data accuracy and spondent re 30 of reliability as the biggest % 16% 20 obstacle to their big 5% 10 data analytics goalsŠ 0 Not deploying Studying/piloting Beginning deployment/ Second-generation first generation deployment or later Advertising and measurement Publishing and information services Social networking/social media Filmed entertainment Interactive gaming Enabling technology Broadcast and cable networks Music Average of all respondents ote’ percentages do not total ˆ…… due to roundingŠ œ

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