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­pportunities for technology companies ­pportunities for M&E companies M&E companies need to acuire ne‚ technology sŒills as Many o­ the creative sŒills reuired in M&E remain ‚ell as “ne‚ media” sŒillsŠ Technology companies o­ten unchanged — but the impact o­ technology cannot be ­ocus on developing the most advanced and sophisticated underestimatedŠ Technologyenabled innovation has tools to solve emerging issues but may not match the changed the M&E business system€ ­rom understanding the solutions they’re o­­ering to the sŒills and capabilities o­ customer to creating€ curating and distributing contentŠ their M&E clientsŠ ›y necessity€ the sŒills profile ‚ithin M&E companies is evolvingŠ ¡uestions to consider€ • ¦oes your company have the right balance o­ technical ¡uestions to consider€ sŒill and industry understanding to e­­ectively implement • ‘o‚ do you balance the creative needs o­ your M&E or integrate digital technologies ­or M&E clients® company ‚ith the technical sŒills reuired to master • In ‚hat ‚ays can your company help identi­y technical ne‚ technologies® ‘o‚ do you identi­y sŒills gaps and sŒills gaps ­or M&E clients and o­­er the right level o­ then build capabilities or evolve the sŒills profile® complementary epertise® • An increasing proportion o­ your ‚orŒ­orce ˜«ust liŒe • ¦oes your company understand the sŒills obstacles M&E your customersš is tech savvy — ‚ell versed in social€ companies must address to taŒe advantage o­ the latest mobile€ search and other technologiesŠ ‘o‚ does your technologies and tools® Žhat roles can you play to organiœation and its technology strategy cater to and mitigate these and bridge the gaps® taŒe advantage o­ this gro‚ing resource® • ¦oes your company o­­er M&E companies enough guidance and training so they can achieve the best per­ormance ­rom the tools and systems delivered to them® š

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