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­pportunities for technology companies ­pportunities for M&E companies As M&E companies adapt to a digital ‚orld€ they must Enabling technologies have created an opportunity ­or appreciate ho‚ mobilesocialcloud and big data analytics M&E companies to rethinŒ ho‚ they ingest in­ormation€ technologies impact and shape their products and share it around their organiœation and translate it into services€ organiœational structure and longterm goalsŠ products and services and distributionŠ ›ut technology ›ut M&E companies are generally reluctant to partner alone is not enough• a clear organiœational vision is ‚ith technology companies€ pre­erring to develop reuired to use it e­­ectivelyŠ internal solutionsŠ ¡uestions to consider€ ¡uestions to consider€ • In ‚hat ‚ays ‚ill your organiœational model evolve • In ‚hat ‚ays can your company help M&E companies over the net ‡–‰ years® ‘ave you outlined the role develop a technology road map to implement their technology ‚ill play in realiœing your vision® digital vision® • ‘ave you prioritiœed areas ­or technology investment • ‘o‚ can your products and services help accelerate over the net ‡–‰ years® M&E product development and time to marŒet® • As content consumption volumes increase and • In ‚hat ‚ays can you help M&E companies turn consumer choices proli­erate€ to ‚hat etent have you in­ormation into insight to enable them to better react challenged your business to use technology to absorb to changing customer demand and real time epectations® in­ormation€ generate insights and act on them® • Can you communicate the business benefits o­ mobile socialcloud and big data analytics to M&E customers® • ‘o‚ many ‚ays can your technology be used to help reanimate M&E clients’ eisting products and services — or create ne‚ products altogether® §œ

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