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Creating agility and enabling a culture ›†ž o­ innovation o­ digital leaders As their businesses undergo digital trans­ormation€ the top priority cite “creating ­or ™¥” o­ digital leaders is “creating a culture o­ innovation ˜‚ith a culture o­ collaboration tools€ innovation labs€ etcŠšŠ” It also ‚as chosen by „¥” innovation” as o­ all other respondents ˜see Figure ˆ¥šŠ a top strategic priority ­or digital trans­ormationŠ M&E companies recogniœe that to achieve For eample€ borro‚ing the phrase “loosely the culture o­ innovation they desire€ they coupled” ­rom so­t‚are architecture€ etfli must structure their organiœations ­or labels its o‚n organiœational approach agilityŠ M&E companies’ vision o­ meeting “highly aligned€ loosely coupledŠ” That highvelocity€ continuous change ‚ith a means strategy and goals are clear€ and steady stream o­ innovative product€ management ‚orŒs hard to ensure they service€ distribution€ marŒeting and are ‚ell articulated and broadly understoodŠ business model ideas can only be achieved ›ut tactics are eecuted ‚ith minimal through organiœational agilityŠ ƒur research cross­unctional discussion or approvals€ indicates that M&E companies epect to use replaced by trust among groups€ and technology to enable agility and a culture leaders ‚ho reach out proactively ­or ad o­ innovationŠ Their goal is to breaŒ do‚n hoc coordination as appropriateŠ‰ This organiœational silos so the business can attracts topflight talent and a­­ords ‚orŒ synergistically — and rapidly — to significant po‚er to solve problems deliver products and services that are highly ‚ithout etensive chains o­ command integrated and meet customer epectationsŠ that slo‚ decisionmaŒingŠ Figure 14: „hat are your strategic priorities as you digitally transform your organiation… (Select top three) Creating a culture of innovation 64% 54% Listening to customers and 57% analyzing customer interactions 48% Building alliances with media, 51% entertainment and technology partners 30% Acquiring digital skills through 33% hiring, training or acquisitions 44% Undertaking competitive analysis 28% to understand the digital activities of other companies 29% Making venture capital investments in 25% digital companies and/or technologies 29% None, we are not undergoing 4% digital transformation 4% Digital leaders All others §Ÿ

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