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Clearly€ M&E companies understand that pattern remained the same and “ Today’s workforce is also smart mobility o­­ers ne‚ ‚ays to deliver the percentage that has gone beyond personaliœed content that is constantly firstgeneration deployments is consistent’ today’s digital consumer — re­reshed and even “in the momentŠ” ­or marŒeting and product and service their media eperience is onetheless€ even some leading media development€ ‡ˆ”• ­or revenue optimiœation€ across multiple deices — companies ‚ere surprised by ho‚ rapidly ˆ¨”• ­or research€ ˆ™”• ­or employee it’s social. They epect their their audience migrated to the smartphone engagement¯communication€ ˆ„”• and and adopted it in a variety o­ innovative ­or customer engagement€ ˆ‡”Š organiƒation to mirror this — ‚aysŠ Tim Žestergren€ Founder and Chie­ and uickly.” trategy ƒ­ficer o­ the music service ¦igital leaders appear to have accurately £andora€ eplains’ “The smartphone ‚as the anticipated the rapid transition to mobile artyn €hiter biggest surprise ­or usŠ ƒnce the smartphone enabled content and are prepared to respond Media & Entertainment came out€ people began plugging it into rapidly ˜see Figure ˆ…šŠ For eample€ ¥“” Lead ƒnalyst thingsŠ o the home stereo system became have secondgeneration or later deployments EY a £andora device€ and your car became a ­or product and service development€ ¥¥” £andora device€ etcŠ That triggered a domino ­or marŒeting€ ‰ž” ­or revenue optimiœation e­­ect across consumer electronics€ and our and ‰…” ­or customer engagementŠ engineering e­­ort completely re­ocused on onetheless€ this indicates a real gap the device distributionŠ” bet‚een the demands o­ the M&E agility vision and ‚here the ma«ority o­ Figure “ illuminates ‚here M&E companies M&E companies stand in terms o­ deploying lie on the adoption curve ­or smart mobile needed mobile technology to achieve that technologyŠ Že find it surprising that the visionŠ A­ter all€ smart mobility enables an vast ma«ority in every M&E segment are entirely ne‚ plat­orm o­ M&E possibilities still studying and piloting or «ust beginning that are locationbased€ contet a‚are and their firstgeneration deployments o­ mobile physically a‚are€ and that can monitor technology ­or product distributionŠ ƒnly ˆ¥” customer behavior and allo‚ them to have gone beyond these stages to second provide instantaneous ­eedbacŒŠ This ‚ill generation deploymentsŠ Že asŒed this same be eplored ­urther in ­uture reports o­ uestion ­or numerous ­unctions€ but the this seriesŠ Figure 1“: Žespondents employing secondgeneration or later mobile solutions to help achiee the folloing business goals †¢ž Product/service 49% Product/service 49% development 16% development 16% o­ digital leaders Marketing 44% Marketing 18% 43% 18% say they are using Revenue optimization 38% Revenue optimization 14% 38% secondgeneration 14% Employee engagement/ 32% Employee engagement/ 13% 32% communication 13% mobile technology communication Customer engagement 30% Customer engagement 10% 30% to develop products 10% Distribution 26% and servicesŠ Distribution 13% 26% 13% Digital leaders Followers Digital leaders All others §

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