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Music segment respondents matched be­ore because o­ technology that enhances gaming’s ‰¥” number one ranŒing ­or organiœational agilityŠ Yet our analysis o­ ho‚ ne‚ product development€ and ™¥” these technologies are being adopted sho‚s ššž ranŒed it first€ second or thirdŠ imilarly€ that many companies have a long ‚ay to go broadcasting companies’ ™…” first€ second be­ore obtaining the ­ull benefitsŠ o­ all respondents or third ranŒings ‚as higher than the overall averageŠ These segments are reacting to ‘Šart Šo’iity rate internal use o­ radical changes in the cycle time o­ their Žhen asŒed ho‚ mobilesocialcloud traditional products and services€ as the rapid and big data analytics technologies ‚ould mobile technology adoption o­ mobile phones€ video streaming a­­ect their revenue in the net ‡–‰ years€ “very” or “etremely” and tablets spurs demand ­or “al‚ays respondents ‚ere most positive about available” accessŠ It’s interesting to note that smart mobility’ ™ž” o­ all respondents importantŠ advertising€ film and social media companies and ž‰” o­ digital leaders said it ‚ould ranŒed ne‚ product development belo‚ the “moderately” or “substantially” increase overall averageŠ their revenue ˜see Figure ¥€ page “šŠ mart mobile technology supports M&E companies’ †echnoogy depoyŠent upport ability to deliver the anytime€ any‚here Ž„ agiity content access customers no‚ epectŠ I­ digital leaders are ­ocused on ne‚ product ›ut looŒing ­urther€ M&E companies are development€ technology is enabling them using smart mobility internally as ‚ell to create agile organiœations to do this more as eternally’ providing employee access e­ficiently and e­­ectivelyŠ M&E companies to corporate in­ormation ‚as the top use€ are deploying the digital technologies o­ ‚ith „„” o­ all respondents rating it “very” smart mobility€ cloud computing€ social or “etremely” important€ ‚hile acting on net‚orŒing and big data analytics to help customer location data analysis ranŒed them achieve their digital agility visionŠ avvy second ‚ith „‰”Š It’s ‚orth noting that the adopters are continuously ad«usting their digital leaders emphasiœe both sides o­ that marŒeting and product development plans euation’ ¨ˆ” rated employee access to based on continually updated Œno‚ledge and in­ormation as very or etremely important insight into their audiencesŠ And they are and ¨¥” gave that rating to enhancing able to maŒe those ad«ustments ­aster than customer o­­erings ‚ith location in­ormationŠ Figure 9: “n hat stage of deelopment is your company in deploying mobile technology to help achiee your distribution business goals… ¤ƒll respondents¥ 60 41% 50 38% s 40 spondent30 re of % 20 14% 7% 10 0 Not deploying Studying/piloting Beginning deployment/ Second-generation first generation deployment or later Advertising and measurement Publishing and information services Social networking/social media Filmed entertainment Interactive gaming Enabling technology Broadcast and cable networks Music Average of all respondents §

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