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Neˆ product and erice any‚hereš and are more ‚illing to let “ …martphones€ tablets and deeopŠent ‹ocu legacy products and services languishŠ Žhen asŒed to ranŒ the top three ‚ays They choose to leverage eisting strengths social media are all catalysts in ‚hich technology ‚ill drive gro‚th ­or in brand€ I£€ customer base€ etcŠ€ in the for accelerated change in the their organiœations€ „¨” o­ all respondents support o­ these ne‚ products and services€ way people create€ discoer chose developing ne‚ product and service ‚hich customers have embraced ‚illinglyŠ and consume content. †nd this o­­erings first€ second or third€ more than They are introducing ne‚ products and any other selection ˜see Figure ¨šŠ Evolving services iteratively€ learning ­rom each o­ is ‡ust the beginning.” eisting products and services ‚as the their iterationsŠ And they are iterating ‚ith second most popular choice€ ranŒed by „…” increasing ­reuency€ rather than ‚aiting to Hoˆard a o­ all respondentsŠ LooŒing more closely do it once or t‚ice a yearŠ This correlates •ortheast Media & Entertainment at only top ranŒings€ digital leaders sho‚ ‚ith their concern over shortening product ƒdisory Serices Leader greater ­ocus on ne‚ product development€ li­e cycles seen in Figure „€ page “Š EY ‚ith ‰…” ranŒing it number one versus ‡„” o­ all others ˜see Figure žšŠ Even Gaming companies are ‚idely seen at more interesting is ho‚ little digital leaders the leading edge o­ iterative product care about evolving eisting products and developmentŠ ƒur data confirms services — only ˆ“” ranŒed it number oneŠ this€ ‚ith ™™” o­ interactive gaming segment respondents citing ne‚ product Že believe digital leaders are recogniœing development and only ‰“” ­ocused on their customers’ embrace o­ ne‚ evolving products and servicesŠ ƒ­ note€ al‚aysavailable digital products and the gaming respondents are even ahead o­ services ˜‚hether broadcast€ streamed the digital leaders on this point€ ‚ith ‰¥” or do‚nloaded to the living room or to ranŒing ne‚ product development number a smartphone or tablet that could be one ˜compared ‚ith ‰…” o­ digital leadersšŠ Figure Œ: “n hat ays ill technology drie groth for your organiation…¦ ¤ƒll respondents¥ (Top three rankings) ­roˆth drier †ota Advertising Film ›roadcast £ublishing and Gaming Music ocial media Technology in­ormation services ¦evelop ne‚ products¯service o­­erings „¨” „¥” ¥“” ™…” „™” ™™” ™¥” ¥“” „™” Evolve eisting products¯service o­­erings „…” ™“” „ˆ” ¥“” ¥¨” ‰“” „‡” ¥‰” ¥¨” Get to marŒet ­aster ‚ith ne‚ or evolved ¥…” ‰ˆ” ¥‡” ‰ž” ‰‡” „„” ‰¥” ¥ˆ” ¥ˆ” products¯services ¡£ercentages sho‚n represent all respondents ‚ho ranŒed each choice first€ second or thirdŠ Figure 8: “n hat ays ill technology drie groth for your organiation…¦ (Top rank only) Develop new products/ 30% service offerings 25% Evolve existing products/ 19% service offerings 30% Get to market faster with 13% new or evolved products/services 12% Digital Leaders All others ¡£ercentages sho‚n represent respondents ‚ho ranŒed each choice number oneŠ §§

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