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CT­s ¤†ž¥ and CE­s ¤ ž¥ have the most responsibility ­or digital vision and strategyŠ ƒ„… or ƒ†… “oˆn” digita iion ›ut it is the prevalence o­ CEƒs taŒing direct and trategy responsibility ­or digital vision¯strategy It is a testament to the critical importance that is most notableŠ It correlates to o­ digital trans­ormation that companies’ the organiœation‚ide cultural change CEƒs ‚ere named as responsible ­or the that is reuired ­or success in digital digital vision and strategy almost as o­ten trans­ormation ˜discussed in the net as chie­ technology o­ficers ˜CTƒsš — ‡‰” sectionš€ because such ‚idespread change versus ‡¥” ˜see Figure ™šŠ And among typically is not possible unless it is led ­rom€ digital leaders€ in ­act€ CEƒs and CTƒs ‚ere or vigorously supported by€ the topŠ tied€ at ‡™” eachŠ Another ˆ‡” o­ digital leaders give the responsibility to a chie­ digital o­ficer ˜C¦ƒš and ˆˆ” to their chie­ in­ormation o­ficer ˜CIƒšŠ Figure 6: „ho is responsible for the digital technology ision and strategy ithin your company…¦ ¤ƒll respondents¥ Function †ota Advertising Film ›roadcast £ublishing and Gaming Music ocial media Technology in­ormation services CTƒ or ¬£ Technology ‡¥” ˆ™” ‰…” ‡ž” ‡ž” ‡…” ˆ¨” ‡„” ‡ž” CEƒ€ £resident€ or ¬£ ‡‰” ‡‰” ‡ˆ” ˆ“” ‡ˆ” ‰„” ‡ž” ‡‡” ˆ¨” C¦ƒ or ¬£ ¦igital ˆ‡” ˆ™” ˆ…” ˆ¨” ˆˆ” ˆ¥” ™” ˆ¥” ™” CIƒ or ¬£ IT ˆˆ” ¥” ˆ…” ¨” ˆˆ” ˆ…” ‡…” ˆ‰” ˆ¨” CFƒ or ¬£ Finance ž” ˆ™” “” ¨” ‰” ‰” ˆˆ” ™” ˆ…” CMƒ or ¬£ MarŒeting ™” ˆˆ” ¨” ˆ” ˆ…” …” „” ™” ™” Cƒƒ or ¬£ ƒperations ¥” ˆ…” ˆ” ‰” ¨” ‰” ™” ‡” ‰” C ƒ or ‘ead o­ ›usiness trategy ¥” ‰” ¥” ¨” ™” ‰” ‡” ‰” ¥” ¡£ercentages sum to less than ˆ…… because “other” and several verylo‚scoring choices ‚ere not includedŠ §¨

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