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­pportunities for technology companies ­pportunities for M&E companies In a turbulent marŒetplace ‚here agility is critical€ M&E customers are taŒing evermore control over their M&E companies must rapidly develop and roll out ne‚ media habits€ becoming their o‚n “editorsinchie­Š” technology tools to meet the increasingly changing And they are getting more in­ormation ‚ith ‚hich to dynamics o­ their audiencesŠ Žhat are the opportunities in­orm their choices€ ‚hile media consumption devices ­or technology companies to help M&E companies proli­erate in unprecedented numbers — both inhome become more nimble® and mobileŠ Thus€ the imperative ­or a clear vie‚ o­ customers and the marŒet has never been greaterŠ e‚ ¡uestions to consider€ technologies are enabling M&E companies to rethinŒ and • ‘o‚ ‚ell does your company understand the uniue retool€ to be more agile and more responsive€ and to challenges ­acing M&E companies€ and the nuances o­ allocate sŒills and resources accordinglyŠ each sector® • ¦oes your company have the capabilities to rapidly ¡uestions to consider€ deploy o­­erings and assist M&E companies in a dynamic • To ‚hat etent does your approach to investment in anytime€ any‚here digital marŒet® ne‚ technologies reflect business as usual versus the • ‘o‚ ‚ell can your company help M&E companies opportunity to maŒe cultural and operational changes integrate mobilesocialcloud and big data analytics to your organiœation® technologies® • Are your relationships ‚ith technology providers • ¦oes your company o­­er coste­­ective and fleible tools collaborative® ¦o you ‚orŒ together to better to help clients better understand customer interactions understand ho‚ mobilesocialcloud and big data across all channels ˜digital and physicalš® analytics technologies can enable your business • Žhat assurances ˜eŠgŠ€ privacy€ securityš can your ˜versus procuring o­­theshel­ solutionsš® company o­­er M&E companies that cloudbased • In ‚hat ‚ays is your company using technology to alternatives ­or hosting content and big data can be capture in­ormation that helps you better understand su­ficiently fleible and reliable€ yet o­­er the control your customers’ ‚ants® The competitive landscape® • M&E companies demand® ‘o‚ have you used technology to breaŒ do‚n traditional organiœational silos€ thereby ensuring you can deploy the best available resources ‚hen you identi­y an opportnity® Ÿ

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