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›Ÿž of all respondents say smart mobility ‚ill “moderately” or “substantially” drive revenue gro‚th in the net ‡–‰ yearsŠ In terms o­ the ability to “­ail ­or‚ard€” ­ast€ ƒther M&E industry segments ­eel the etfli’s acŒno‚ledged mid‡…ˆˆ misstep — pressure to adapt to rapidly changing “ ­nly the most agile M&E and agile response — is destined to become customer demands «ust as pro­oundlyŠ organiƒations will be able to a tetbooŒ case studyŠ Announcing a ™…” “It’s no longer good enough to identi­y a keep up with the etraordinary price increase ­or a combined ¦¬¦ rental problem at “ aŠmŠ€ and have it fied at the pace of technology change.” and streaming video service ˜as a prelude to end o­ the business day€” says icŒ Earl€ splitting the t‚o into separate businessesš enior ¬ice £resident ­or games publisher ­uy €anger initially cost the company ž……€……… Electronic ArtsŠ “In the mobile ‚orld€ i­ you Deputy and ƒmericas subscribers and ž‰” o­ its share priceŠ CEƒ discover the problem at “’……€ you need to Technology “ndustry Leader ‹eed ‘astings uicŒly apologiœed€ on his fi the problem by “’…„ and have it ready EY blog• the company responded by electing not to go into the field at “’ˆ…Š That’s «ust to separate the businesses€ but it did Œeep ho‚ it ‚orŒs no‚Š” the pricingŠ ubscriber and share price gro‚th returnedŠ As o­ its ‡…ˆ‰ first uarter€ etfli’s subscriber numbers matched ‘›ƒ’s€ the most ‚atched cable net‚orŒ in the § € and its share price had more than uadrupled ˆ€‡ ­rom its ‡…ˆ‡ lo‚Š The ­ollo‚ing sections o­ this report ‚ill eplore insights ­rom our research about the role o­ technology in enabling agile M&E organiœationsŠ The sections are€ • ¦igital leaders ­orge the agility vision • Creating agility and enabling a culture o­ innovation • Competing ­or people and sŒills in a ­astchanging environment • Enabling technology tools ­or agile organiœations • An ƒutlooŒ section that includes our Agility Inde identi­ying those industry segments displaying the most€ and least€ agility ˜see Figure ‡‰€ page ‰‡š œ

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