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¦igital is rapidly trans­orming “ ring your own deice media and entertainment has translated into  ­ software€ which has translated into  ­ data. “Every day we’re playing three-dimensional chess.” ‚onsumer technology o said an M&E eecutive ‚ith ‚hom ‚e discussed our researchŠ is transforming how M&E ‘e ‚as commenting on the incredible speed ‚ith ‚hich digital companies produce€ technologies continue to change M&E content€ marŒeting€ distribution€ distribute€ track and business models€ supporting in­rastructure and organiœational monetiƒe their content structure — even no‚€ t‚o decades into the age o­ digitiœationŠ and „.” ark orao Global Media & Entertainment ƒdisory Serices Leader The speed o­ that technologyenabled change o M&E companies are rethinŒing the EY is still accelerating€ ‚hile average revenue o­ very structure o­ their organiœations to M&E companies is poised to cross the „…” improve agilityŠ They are embracing ne‚ marŒ ­rom ma«ority traditional to ma«ority and emerging technologies to support digitalŠ ƒur research sho‚s that revenue organiœational structures that enable a ­rom digital is epected to average ¥¨” o­ nimble response to rapid shi­ts in customer all respondents’ revenue in ‡…ˆ‰€ and gro‚ demand• that let them uicŒly seiœe emerging to „¨” by ‡…ˆ„ — maŒing digital the primary opportunities• that flatten hierarchies source o­ revenue ­or M&E companiesŠ and eliminate silos• and that accept risŒŠ These companies are also shi­ting ­rom Mean‚hile€ M&E consumers are continuously “maŒe and sell” to “sense and respond” Among all respondents assimilating ne‚ smart mobility or social business models€ as technology enables media technologies ˜thinŒ€ ­or eample€ them to get closer than ever be­ore to o­ the sudden initial rise o­ tablets and the their customersŠ šœž of subseuent rapid success o­ subžinch tabletsš€ ‚ith conseuent changes in their media consumption behaviorŠ ome even topline become doityoursel­ producers o­ their o‚n ne‚s€ music€ videos and gamesŠ Mean‚hile€ —ey characteristics of agile M&E unprecedented insights into customer tastes companies include€ reenue and behavior patterns are a­­orded to M&E companies by those same technologies€ • Advanced social listening programs ‚ill be derived ­rom acting in concert ‚ith others such as cloud to Œeep on top o­ changing computing and big data analyticsŠ customer sentiment digital channels by • Leadingedge analytics that identi­y — Že believe this landscape o­ ­astchanging in realtime — ne‚ customer ‡…ˆ„ — up ­rom ¥¨” compleity is ‚hy all respondents’ top serving opportunities o­ revenue todayŠ strategic priority ­or digital trans­ormation • ‹apid resource or ne‚ product is “creating a culture o­ innovationŠ” This deployment in response to those ‚as chosen by ™¥” o­ digital leaders and opportunities „¥” o­ all others ˜see Figure ˆ¥€ page ˆžšŠ • Cloudbased in­rastructure ˜‚here ƒnly a true culture o­ innovation ‚ill yield appropriateš to enable lo‚errisŒ the steady stream o­ ne‚ ideas ­or products rapid deployment and scalability and services€ business models€ distribution€ as conditions change etcŠ€ reuired by M&E’s constant state o­ • The ability to “­ail ­or‚ard€” ­ast — technologyinduced changeŠ iŠeŠ€ learn ­rom inevitable missteps€ fi them rapidly and move on ›ut a steady stream o­ brilliantly innovative ideas demands an etraordinarily agile organiœation to bring them to marŒetŠ ›

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