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­pportunities for technology companies ­pportunities for M&E companies Žhen it comes to technology in­rastructure€ M&E The maturity and scale o­ M&E companies help shape companies still largely pre­er a “command and control” their technology strategyŠ Žhen to invest and ‚ho to philosophyŠ ›ut our data suggests most M&E companies partner ‚ith are critical uestionsŠ don’t have the sŒills necessary to manage all o­ the technology reuired to enable their agilityŠ ¡uestions to consider€ • Is o‚nership the right option® Žhat ­actors are ¡uestions to consider€ influencing your decision to o‚n versus outsource€ and • In ‚hat ‚ays can your company help M&E companies ho‚ do you thinŒ about this at di­­erent stages in your integrate customer­acing applications ‚ith bacŒend company’s evolution and ­or di­­erent parts o­ your systems to increase organiœational agility® company’s technology in­rastructure® • ‘o‚ can you help M&E companies develop and eecute • Is there an e­­ective balance among the investments a comprehensive big data analytics strategy® being made in technology ­or the ­ront o­fice€ bacŒ • Is your company able to communicate the business o­fice and the bacŒ end€ and ho‚ do you thinŒ about benefits o­ sourcing M&E companies’ data and bacŒ these di­­erently® o­fice technologies® • To ‚hat etent do you ‚orŒ ‚ith your technology • ‘o‚ can you help M&E clients understand the benefits partners to better understand opportunities and risŒs® o­ partnering — and build the necessary trust® ¦o you ­eel su­ficiently in­ormed about the technology • Žhat are the best ‚ays your technology can help M&E choices available in the marŒet and their impact on your companies improve internal collaboration® business® • To ‚hat etent do you consider ‚here technologybased di­­erentiation can have the highest impact on your business® Žill suggesting standardiœed solutions su­fice€ ‚here little di­­erentiation is possible® ¨

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